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The Heisman Calculator is a one-of-a-kind regression model that processes simulated 2017 Heisman votes. By using player and voter data from years past, we can identify statistical influencers that drive Heisman votes.
Where is Mason

In what could be characterized as the biggest surprise in Heisman Calculator history, based on previous vote trends, Mason Rudolph SHOULD be in second place in the Heisman Trophy race. Yet, he's hardly on anyone's Heisman radar. Baker Mayfield‘s flashy play has effectively overshadowed the more tradition, drop back style of Rudolph. Rudolph will likely need some outside help to have any chance of winning the trophy, but if history is proven right, there’s no reason to believe he won’t be heading to New York City for the award ceremony this December.. HeismanWatch.com foretells the Heisman Trophy outcome with greater accuracy than ESPN’s panel of experts and USATODAY’s Gannett Heisman [voter] survey.

  • Baker Mayfield

    Quarterback, Oklahoma

  • Mason Rudolph

    Quarterback, Oklahoma State

  • Bryce Love

    Running Back, Stanford

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Running Back, Wisconsin

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