What. A. Saturday.


#8 Wisconsin @ #4 Michigan

Was this game played in the 1980’s?  Do teams still win games with the score of 14-7?  It’s 2016 and offenses are wired to be faster than Google Fiber.  Teams have up-tempo style offenses with plays that are called on a posterboard with greater resembles a pinterest page than a systematically efficient x’s and o’s playbook.  It’s actually refreshing to see a game that felt like a tug-of-war match between two aircraft carriers.  Heck, both teams used fullbacks….a lot.  That’s right.  Fullbacks still exist!


Not surprising that a defensive game featured this sick grab as well.

#11 Tennessee @ #25 Georgia

Oh Hail Yes!!!!  What a finish!  Speechless.  Just watch the videos.

First this:

Then this:

Then eventually this:

Last week Georgia beat Missouri in the final seconds of the game…

We need a status update on this guy and his windows as soon as possible.

North Carolina @ #12 Florida St

The stars were out in Tallahassee on Saturday.  Previous Heisman hopefuls FSU QB Deondre Francois threw for 372 yards while RB Dalvin Cook ran for 140 and three td’s and also caught six passes for 106 yards.  But the star who stole the show with both his play and performance (celebration) was Tar Heels kicker Nick Weiler.

#13 Baylor @ Iowa St

Last year Baylor had more wins (10) than Iowa St. has had in the last four years combined (9).  A lot of bad memories could have been washed away with an upset over Baylor, up 14 points heading into the 4th quarter, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Iowa St. blew it.

17 unanswered points for the Bears to beat the Cyclones 45-42.  Baylor RB Shock Linwood ran for 237 yards and a td.  Not bad Shock.  Not bad at all.

Minnesota @ Penn St.

This is how Penn St. won in overtime:

Oklahoma @ #21 TCU

Flea flickers are always fun.

So are Big-12 shootouts.  The Sooners win in a polar-opposite style game than Michigan v. Wisconsin.  Final score, 520-460.  (I added extra zero’s for effect).  TCU’s Kenny Hill had 449 yards passing and five td’s in defeat.  Also not bad at all.

#18 Utah @ Cal

Cal has one of the best offenses in all of college football.  Before Saturday the Bears were averaging 45.5 ppg (10th in the nation) and 594 ypg (4th).  The Cal defense….not so much.  Giving up 42.5 ppg (5th worst) and 491 yards (11th worst) so of course this happened at the end of the game 👇

As Utah was marching with over four-minutes left, getting first downs at will, Cal could have used timeouts to save time for their QB Davis Webb who had thrown for 306 yards and four td’s.  Instead Bears Head Coach Sonny Dykes rolled the dice on his D and it paid off.  Who’d a thunk?  After the game, the reporter for the Pac-12 Network made a phenomenal reference summing up the conclusion of the game that can actually sum up the entire college football weekend.  She said something to the extent of “Everybody’s deodorant was put to work today.”  Yes, yes it was.

 #3 Louisville @ #5 Clemson

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but while you were watching San Diego St play South Alabama, you were missing one of the best college football games you may ever see.  Heading into this game L-Ville’s Lamar Jackson was in the Heisman drivers seat with Clemson’s Deshaun Watson riding shotgun.  The stats read like this:

Watson threw for 306 yards, five touchdowns, three interceptions, and 91 yards rushing.

Jackson threw for 295 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and ran for 162 yards and two touchdowns.

Watson totaled 397 yards contrast to Jackson’s 457.  Unfortunately for Jackson and the Cardinals, it’s yard #458 that’s going to haunt them the rest of the season.

Back and forth both teams went, up and down the field.  Whoever had the ball last was going to win.  That wasn’t just a popular sports quip we throw out there, based on how great these two QB’s were playing in the final period, that quip was more factual than calling water wet.  On 4th and 12 and inside the Clemson 20, Louisville caught a pass short and the receiver was forced out of bounds a yard short.  Watson came back on the field to take a knee and a 42-36 win and a commanding lead in the ACC.

What this means for the Heisman candidates is yet to be determined.  Jackson was sensational in defeat, carrying the offense after it fell behind 28-10 at half.  He put up ridiculous numbers that are even more impressive considering Clemson is one of the best defenses in America.

Watson was great as well.  Not all interceptions were directly his fault.  Tipped balls, dropped passes, etc.  It feels as though the Clemson QB is beginning to pick up right where he left off last year and that’s a scary thing for opponents.

However, Watson’s play isn’t new to us like Jackson’s is and I think that hurts Watson when compared to Jackson.  Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel, Christian McCaffrey, when we see Heisman-type guys for the 2nd time around a bit of sizzle gets lost.  We are curious by nature and that carries over in the Heisman process.  With that said, I think Jackson is still the favorite but that gap is shortening up ever so slightly.


Extra Sauce

This just looks exhausting.  And how bout the UNLV field looking like poker cards?  They should color in every five yards black or red like a roulette board.

On Friday BYU beat Toledo in a thriller in Provo, UT.  Running back Jamaal Williams had himself quite a night, 286 yards rushing and 5 td’s.  If you like watching videos of every single carry a player had in a game, we got you taken care of.

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