Opportunity Lost


Last Thursday, Heisman front-runner Lamar Jackson had his worst game of the season.  That’s truly saying something because his ‘worst’ game of 211 passing yards was still better than 70 other starting FBS QB’s.  Still, Louisville lost their playoff luster getting stampeded by the Houston Cougars, 36-10.  So for the first time since mid-September, the door to the Heisman race was relatively open.  Let’s see the likely candidates who could’ve walked right on through.

Donnel Pumphrey had a terrific opportunity.  Just beat Wyoming, rack up a ton of rushing yards adding on to your FBS lead and welcome to Heisman controversy.  Or rush for just 76 yards, 0 touchdowns, and walk out of Laramie, WY defeated and drop down to 2nd place in FBS rushing.   Pumphrey chose the latter.

Deshaun Watson threw for 202 yards, ran for 47, and totaled three TD’s in a 35-13 rout of Wake Forest.  Meh!  Lamar Jackson goes into halftime with those numbers.

Baker Mayfield had an important BIG-12 opportunity against good West Virginia team in less than ideal conditions for a quarterback.  Snow, wind, misery.  The weather definitely played a factor in Mayfield’s throwing numbers but there’s no asterisk for snowflakes on the end-of-year-stats.  Mayfield had 169 yards passing, two TD’s, and one INT.  Who’s next?

Jabrill Peppers carried the ball twice for two yards, fumbling once, five tackles – two for loss.  Michigan won in less than impressive fashion, 20-10 against Indiana.  Nothing about his performance last Saturday screamed “HEISMAN!!!”

JT Barrett, what did you bring to the table? A windy affair influenced Barrett into 186 total yards, one TD, and a one point win against a bad (record wise) Michigan St. team.  That’s not going to get it done.

D’Onta Foreman.  Now here’s a guy who can put up some stats.  51 carries, 250 yards, two TD’s and one big fat LOSS to Kansas.  Yes, a loss to Kansas.  It felt as though Texas’ priorities were to win Foreman the Heisman in one game but lost focus in winning the game itself.

Jalen Hurts or Jonathan Allen, it really doesn’t matter.  When you schedule Chattanooga this late in the season nobody should be keeping track of your stats especially if you’re the #1 team in the country.  Disregard this game.

Jake Browning had a huge game….or was it?  338 yards and two touchdowns against a P-5 opponent should feel more impressive than it actually does.  But in reality, Browning’s opponent Arizona St., gives up an average of 383 passing yards a game.  Browning’s performance was the 8th best against that atrocious defense this year.  I never thought I could be less impressed with 338 passing yards.

Nobody.  Nobody wanted to step on Lamar Jackson’s Heisman coattail last week.  This weekend Louisville plays Kentucky.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Jackson has a monster game and puts all these Heisman candidates back in their place…further behind Jackson.  You had your opportunity and you blew it.

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