Heisman Odds: Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson: (QB – Louisville) ML +800

Why We Think Lamar Jackson Will Win The Heisman:

College football’s version of the “Human Highlight Film,” the reigning champ of the Heisman Trophy isn’t about ready to budge off his throne.  Why should he?  Why is Lamar Jackson no longer the favorite to win the Heisman again?  Considering the Heisman is generally given to the most exceptional QB, Lamar Jackson will undoubtedly be the best QB in every game Louisville plays this year.  I guess one could argue that Jackson won’t be able to match his ostentatious statistics from last year, over 5,100 total yards and 51 TD’s. On the contrary, Louisville’s schedule is one of the easiest Power-5 schedules in the country. If Louisville can get past UNC and Clemson just three weeks into the season, the road is smooth sailing with the exception of FSU Oct. 21st.  Despite losing four games last year, Jackson played poorly in only two of them.  To disregard the argument that Jackson has been ‘figured out’ by opposing defenses, for the year that defenses have had to prepare for Jackson, he’s had a year preparing for them.

Big Games On Tap*:

9/19 Lou @ UNC

9/16 Lou v #5 Clemson

10/21 Lou @ #3 FSU

*Rankings courtesy of Coaches Poll

Why We Don’t Think Jackson Will Win the Heisman:

Probably the 2nd most difficult award to repeat.  First being Rookie of the Year for obvious reasons.  It’s been 42 years since Archie Griffin repeated as Heisman winner.  Jackson won over votes last year because his sensational play was relatively new to the college football scene.  Putting up absurd stats won’t be surprising anymore, but expected.  An average game from Jackson is better than most other’s good games, but average play won’t win a Heisman.  To expect the same level of greatness is unfair but it is what it is and Jackson’s bar is unrealistically high.

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