The Emotional Leader Of College Football


Under the brightest lights and on the biggest stage of the week, Baker Mayfield was awesome and inspiring. Saturday night, the #5 Oklahoma Sooners went into Columbus, OH and laid it on the #2 The Ohio St. Buckeyes in large part to the play and leadership of Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield was his usual sensational self; elusive in the pocket, extending plays with his feet and firing passes all over the field with pin-point accuracy.  His numbers are extraordinary especially considering the opponent and setting.  Mayfield threw for 386 yards with a 77% completion rate and tossing three scores en route to a 31-16, 2nd half beat down of the Buckeyes.

It’s apparent Mayfield’s game can speak for itself.  However, his emotional contribution is unmatched in college football.  After Oklahoma pulled within three, 13-10 early in the 3rd quarter, Mayfield was revved up.  Shouting at teammates, pumping his fists, slamming his hand on shoulder pads, firing up his team to what would eventually result in a 28-3 run to end the game.  Each score seemed to jack his emotions up even more.  You could tell how much this game meant to Mayfield because after the game he did this:

What game meant for the Heisman?  It’s still obviously very early in the season.  Statistically Lamar Jackson has the edge on just about everybody right now, and it looks like he probably always will.  Josh Rosen has the most dramatic “Heisman Moment” with UCLA’s 34-point come-from-behind win in week one against Texas A&M.  What Mayfield has in his back pocket for the rest of the season in addition to the aforementioned passing numbers, he has the most impressive performance in a big-game.  That goes a long way for voters.

In addition to of his play, Mayfield’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion is what college football should be all about. Nothing but respect for that part of him and that certainly won’t go unnoticed when Heisman ballots are distributed.



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