Heisman Odds: Derrius Guice

Derrius Guice (RB – LSU) ML +1400 Why We Love Derrius Guice To Win The Heisman: Derrius Guice literally cannot be tackled.  After filling in for the oft-injured college superstar and Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette, it’s feasible to wonder why Guice didn’t receive more touches in 2016.  Guice led the SEC in rushing, touchdowns and all-purpose yards[…]

Heisman Scenarios

We here at HeismanWatch.com came up with two brilliant scenarios we forecast on the Heisman horizon.  Both with similar logic but contrasting conclusions.  Let’s begin with a rather obvious observation that’s relevant in both scenarios: there’s no clear #2 contender.  There hasn’t been for some time.  Lamar Jackson has been everyone’s ‘front-runner’ for at least[…]

Opportunity Lost

Last Thursday, Heisman front-runner Lamar Jackson had his worst game of the season.  That’s truly saying something because his ‘worst’ game of 211 passing yards was still better than 70 other starting FBS QB’s.  Still, Louisville lost their playoff luster getting stampeded by the Houston Cougars, 36-10.  So for the first time since mid-September, the[…]

Overreaction Friday

“Down goes Jackson!  Down goes Jackson!” Not just a popular catch-phrase referencing an upset in the sports world but ESPN play-by-play announcer Dave Flemming was literally saying that over and over again.  Eleven, count ’em, eleven sacks on the night for the ‘unranked’ Houston Cougars as they manhandled ‘Heisman front-runner’ Lamar Jackson, 36-10 on Thursday[…]

Heisman Watch

Logistics and the Lamar Jackson Heisman Campaign

As written previously, Lamar Jackson is the Heisman frontrunner.  No doubt about it.  I’m not here to convince you otherwise.  But the reasoning ‘why’ he’s the frontrunner may be a bit misleading to the average college football fan.  This article is aiming to help educate the average fan, such as myself, so at the very[…]

Heisman Watch

Lamar Jackson, Heisman M.D.

“Heisman frontrunner Lamar Jackson…”  “Lamar Jackson, Heisman candidate….”  In sports media the names have become synonymous at this point. You can’t hear one without the other.   We might as well give him the title, Lamar Jackson, Heisman M.D.  This doctor of domination has held the Heisman honors since the 2nd game of this season,[…]