Who’s Your Heisman Bet?

Popular Kids at School Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Deshaun Watson and Leonard Fournette.  I’d feel pretty confident with either one or both men receiving an invite to NYC in December.  Another player obvious to be on the board is Alabama running back _____ __________.  I know Bo Scarbrough is ‘Bama’s main[…]

Showdown in the Southwest: Heisman Favorites

This glorious part of the Heisman country otherwise known as the Southwest Region has been known for it’s gunslingers and wild shootouts.  Yes, I’m referencing quarterbacks not Alamo’s.  This year is no exception.  The Big-12 reigns supreme in this region, despite sharing parts with Missouri (SEC) and Arkansas (SEC) and a multitude of American Athletic[…]

Heisman Favorites from the Great Midwest

It’s been 10 years since a player from the Midwest Region won a Heisman.  Troy Smith from Ohio State won the award in 2006 with somewhat mediocre statistics.  Smith threw for 2,542 yards which was good for 38th in the country.  His ratio 30 td’s to only 6 int’s was impressive, but he was only[…]

Heisman Favorites from the Far Far West

Breaking down the Heisman favorites from the region known as the ‘Far West.’  I don’t know why it can’t just be the ‘West’ considering states in the Southwest region are further west than the Dakota’s.  Back to the subject at hand, we are breaking down the best of the best candidates and how they compare[…]

King of the South: Heisman Favorites

The South region consists of basically the SEC and a handful of ACC schools.  There are other conferences and other schools that matter…just not in this specific Heisman discussion.  Sorry.   I feel like this discussion has taken a turn for the worse.  Let’s start over. A player from the South region has won the[…]

The Battle for the Mid-Atlantic: Heisman Favorites

Can anybody name the last Heisman winner from the Mid-Atlantic region?  Last year Clemson QB Deshaun Watson finished third overall in the Heisman voting.  Fun fact for you guys who enjoy learning things, the Mid-Atlantic was the only region Watson was voted as high as 2nd place.  Funner fact is that nobody has won the[…]

Best/Worst Heisman NFL Careers

With the NFL draft upon us, and if you’re an NFL fan like me, you’ve ingested hundred’s of mock draft simulation’s that change almost overnight.  Every “expert” has their inside scoop, what a team needs, who’ll be available when your team picks.  Then you go further and read into who each player is and their[…]