Who are the Heisman Trophy Voters Rooting for?

Who are the Heisman Trophy Voters Rooting for?  Intriguing question, right?  We at HeismanWatch.com are awfully tempted to spend the necessary time to search and review every single Heisman Trophy voter and pinpoint his/her university allegiance. But before we commit to this research initiative, we’d like to first validate/gauge how wide-spread this curiosity-train can go.  So, simply put… if[…]

Heisman Trophy Voting; What Makes it Tick?

Approximately 930 Heisman Trophy ballots will be issued this year. Voters comprise of 870 media voters, each living recipient of the Heisman trophy, and one fan ballot (NissanHeismanHouse.com). However, interestingly enough, it is unusual for more than 97% of the ballots to be submitted. Points are calculated as follows: on each ballot, the voter indicates their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place candidates.[…]