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Logistics and the Lamar Jackson Heisman Campaign

As written previously, Lamar Jackson is the Heisman frontrunner.  No doubt about it.  I’m not here to convince you otherwise.  But the reasoning ‘why’ he’s the frontrunner may be a bit misleading to the average college football fan.  This article is aiming to help educate the average fan, such as myself, so at the very[…]

Heisman Watch

Deshaun Watson’s Heisman Forecast

It’s easy to get distracted by what #8 in Cardinal red is doing over in Louisville, KY.  But what Lamar Jackson has showcased is not guaranteed to be the standard by which the Heisman shall be won.  Heisman voters made need more criteria that accompany the stats. That’s where Deshaun Watson’s candidacy will stand out.[…]

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The Great Debate: Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson

The most memorable game to ‘Heisman Watch’ so far this season will be the showdown at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina. Lamar is the hottest Jackson to dominate college sports since Bo in the early 80’s.  His counter on Saturday, Deshaun Watson has been there, done that.  Two of college football’s elites will go[…]

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The Hunt For An Orange October

Thursday night Deshaun Watson kept his foot on the Heisman pedal.  Granted he’s not flooring it but he is accelerating and at this time of year we should expect nothing more.  Against Georgia Tech’s ‘time-controlling run-heavy offense’ Watson was able to do damage when opportunities presented itself, albeit a redzone interception and a Mike Williams[…]

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The Alpha of the ACC

Thursday night #5 Clemson ventures into Atlanta, GA to take on the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.  The only college football on that night.  A prime time event for Deshaun Watson to remind college football fans everywhere why he’s a reigning Heisman finalist. Louisville QB ‘Tecmo‘ Lamar Jackson has been stealing every headline, highlight, along[…]

Who’s Your Heisman Bet?

Popular Kids at School Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Deshaun Watson and Leonard Fournette.  I’d feel pretty confident with either one or both men receiving an invite to NYC in December.  Another player obvious to be on the board is Alabama running back _____ __________.  I know Bo Scarbrough is ‘Bama’s main[…]

The Battle for the Mid-Atlantic: Heisman Favorites

Can anybody name the last Heisman winner from the Mid-Atlantic region?  Last year Clemson QB Deshaun Watson finished third overall in the Heisman voting.  Fun fact for you guys who enjoy learning things, the Mid-Atlantic was the only region Watson was voted as high as 2nd place.  Funner fact is that nobody has won the[…]

Is The Heisman Derrick Henry’s to lose?

What a final Saturday to college football!  No major upsets.  The final 4 are set.  Everything is buttoning up real nice.  Everything except the Heisman. The finalists will be announced tonight on ESPN and most have a pretty clear understanding who is going to be on that list.  Alabama’s Derrick Henry is thought to be the[…]

Heisman Saturday Preview

  Looking for a reason to not go shopping?  College football and the ever-compelling Heisman race is winding down and this is the weekend for the contestants to showcase their Heisman campaign.  Here’s the 4-1-1 on Heisman Saturday. As you already know because you’ve been enamored with the Heisman Watch calculator since it came out on Monday, Alabama’s Derrick Henry is the top[…]

Reshaping the Heisman Landscape

How the shutdown of one player opened the door for so many and how regional bias will change your Heisman perspective for the rest of the season. Thanks to Alabama’s stifling defense the doors to Heisman candidacy, and the Heisman topic in general, have been busted wide open.  Although the award is national, the competition for[…]

What To Heisman Watch For This Weekend

Happy October everybody. Some say the smell of Fall is in the air, but we all know that’s the smell of pigskin and gridiron. This opening October weekend promises to be a doozy as ten top-25 teams go head-to-head as conference games begin to swing full-tilt.