HeismanWatch.com’s Week 2 Rankings

We have more months left in the season than we have weeks played, yet we are starting to see some separation in the Heisman ranks.  The Heisman is generally a quarterback-favoring award and this season is no exception.  Quarterbacks are dominating the Heisman discussion.  Which probably means it would be an excellent season to excel[…]

Heisman Favorites from the Far Far West

Breaking down the Heisman favorites from the region known as the ‘Far West.’  I don’t know why it can’t just be the ‘West’ considering states in the Southwest region are further west than the Dakota’s.  Back to the subject at hand, we are breaking down the best of the best candidates and how they compare[…]

What to ‘Heisman Watch’ For This Weekend

What to ‘Heisman Watch’ For This Weekend Last week Oregon vs. Michigan State lived up to all the hype and then some featuring a few Heisman candidates. Aside from that game, what we saw on the field we generally expected to see from the top teams and their Heisman hopefuls. Everybody looked good with the exception of[…]