HeismanWatch.com’s Week 2 Rankings

We have more months left in the season than we have weeks played, yet we are starting to see some separation in the Heisman ranks.  The Heisman is generally a quarterback-favoring award and this season is no exception.  Quarterbacks are dominating the Heisman discussion.  Which probably means it would be an excellent season to excel[…]

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Heisman Odds: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson: (QB – Louisville) ML +800 Why We Think Lamar Jackson Will Win The Heisman: College football’s version of the “Human Highlight Film,” the reigning champ of the Heisman Trophy isn’t about ready to budge off his throne.  Why should he?  Why is Lamar Jackson no longer the favorite to win the Heisman again?  Considering the Heisman is generally[…]

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Logistics and the Lamar Jackson Heisman Campaign

As written previously, Lamar Jackson is the Heisman frontrunner.  No doubt about it.  I’m not here to convince you otherwise.  But the reasoning ‘why’ he’s the frontrunner may be a bit misleading to the average college football fan.  This article is aiming to help educate the average fan, such as myself, so at the very[…]

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Lamar Jackson, Heisman M.D.

“Heisman frontrunner Lamar Jackson…”  “Lamar Jackson, Heisman candidate….”  In sports media the names have become synonymous at this point. You can’t hear one without the other.   We might as well give him the title, Lamar Jackson, Heisman M.D.  This doctor of domination has held the Heisman honors since the 2nd game of this season,[…]

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The Great Debate: Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson

The most memorable game to ‘Heisman Watch’ so far this season will be the showdown at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina. Lamar is the hottest Jackson to dominate college sports since Bo in the early 80’s.  His counter on Saturday, Deshaun Watson has been there, done that.  Two of college football’s elites will go[…]

Week 4: Saturday Roundup

Heisman Watch calls out the weekend’s polarizing performances and how they impact the Heisman Trophy race. Top Heisman-like Performances: Is LamarJackson@HeismanWatch.com taken because he might as well have a domain here?  All ‘Tecmo’ Lamar Jackson did on Saturday against Marshall was rack up 479 yards of total offense and seven touchdowns.  That’s all.  Just 25[…]

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The Alpha of the ACC

Thursday night #5 Clemson ventures into Atlanta, GA to take on the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.  The only college football on that night.  A prime time event for Deshaun Watson to remind college football fans everywhere why he’s a reigning Heisman finalist. Louisville QB ‘Tecmo‘ Lamar Jackson has been stealing every headline, highlight, along[…]

This Schedule Makes Me Sick

After last weekend was heralded as the “best opening weekend in college football ever,” this coming weekend could quite possibly be considered “the worst weekend of the season.”  This may be the only weekend that doesn’t include two top 25 teams going head to head for the next 12 or so weeks.  That doesn’t mean[…]

King of the South: Heisman Favorites

The South region consists of basically the SEC and a handful of ACC schools.  There are other conferences and other schools that matter…just not in this specific Heisman discussion.  Sorry.   I feel like this discussion has taken a turn for the worse.  Let’s start over. A player from the South region has won the[…]