Week 4: Saturday Roundup

Heisman Watch calls out the weekend’s polarizing performances and how they impact the Heisman Trophy race. Top Heisman-like Performances: Is LamarJackson@HeismanWatch.com taken because he might as well have a domain here?  All ‘Tecmo’ Lamar Jackson did on Saturday against Marshall was rack up 479 yards of total offense and seven touchdowns.  That’s all.  Just 25[…]

Who’s Your Heisman Bet?

Popular Kids at School Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Deshaun Watson and Leonard Fournette.  I’d feel pretty confident with either one or both men receiving an invite to NYC in December.  Another player obvious to be on the board is Alabama running back _____ __________.  I know Bo Scarbrough is ‘Bama’s main[…]

King of the South: Heisman Favorites

The South region consists of basically the SEC and a handful of ACC schools.  There are other conferences and other schools that matter…just not in this specific Heisman discussion.  Sorry.   I feel like this discussion has taken a turn for the worse.  Let’s start over. A player from the South region has won the[…]

How Ezekiel Elliott is going to win the Heisman

How is Ezekiel Elliott going to win the Heisman?  I assume you won’t take “because I said so” for an answer so let me explain.  Ezekiel Elliott has had the most efficient, effective, and productive year from game 1 until now…out of anybody…in all of college football.  We speak all too often about how Heisman’s[…]

Reshaping the Heisman Landscape

How the shutdown of one player opened the door for so many and how regional bias will change your Heisman perspective for the rest of the season. Thanks to Alabama’s stifling defense the doors to Heisman candidacy, and the Heisman topic in general, have been busted wide open.  Although the award is national, the competition for[…]

Heisman Watch: Looking Back, Moving Forward

College football is a crazy game.  One week you could be on top of the world, the next you’re laying horizontal on the operation table.  Here’s a look back and a look ahead at some potential Heisman candidates. Last week two devastating injuries ended the chances of two Heisman hopefuls in 2015. Last season’s ‘ACC[…]